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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Training Plan and Diet

  A number of people have asked me my training regimen this year. I imagine this is because I look so old, and probably because I’m having a pretty good year, considering my advancing years. Anyway, I thought I would share my secret, which is really no secret. I’ve followed a good training plan. I’ve [...]

2532 miles

  I’m going to go ahead and claim the “most insane” title in the Team Momentum bunch. I am willing, however, to be challenged on this front. But be aware, the 2532 miles I refer to are the number of miles I will have driven by the end of January just to race Bamacross. Ridiculous [...]

Brookside #1 Single Speed Race Report

Race Gallery Here We started with a big field of 14 for the SS race.  I saw some big hitters at the line; Ross and Sam Porter, John Karrach, Lee Neal, James and George.  I knew it was going to be tough.  The start was fast and furious.  I got a great start but was [...]

Sandbagging in my first race?

I will first start off by saying I have been looking forward to my first cyclocross race for quite some time. Being a huge cycling fan, I have been watching World Cup cx racing for several years and watched several Bamacross races last year which only confirmed my desire to race one myself even more [...]

Sprint to the Finish

  The first two loops, I was a few seconds behind my competitor, a fourteen year old (one year younger than me) who races the Cirque mountain biking series, but going up a hill on the third, he took the incline at too high of a gear, allowing me to pass.  Unfortunately, I got stuck [...]


  Oh God, did someone say sandbagging? I’m being accused of that at my house.  Next time I’m riding with the big girls. But really, my people should give me a break.  My cyclocross training consisted of watching the cyclocross video of the guy clipping his foot on the barrier and flying through the air. [...]