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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Brookside #4

  The last Bamacross race of 2011 was my first race that I would consider to be a ‘complete’ effort.   After a little delay to wait on some riders, the Cat. 3 race got underway. Going into the race, I wanted to get a win, and I wanted to win convincingly. A lot of [...]

Can you say ‘Mud’?

  Well, this weekend’s Bamacross in Gadsden was destined to be a hard, muddy, cold race.  After the hard rains early last week, it was obvious that things weren’t going to be fast and dry as they have been on most of the courses for the majority of the year.   I got to the [...]


  The race this weekend has been a star on my schedule since deciding to race the series ONLY because it was inside Sloss Furnace. This was my first time ever to go inside Sloss and what better way to sight see the historical landmark than to see it over and over as we raced [...]