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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Recap of the end of Jan…and some of Feb

  funny how easy it is to let a few weeks slip by without really even noticing. to wrap up Bamacross…one word…awesome! the set up was like this…i was sitting in 2nd place overall. i had to beat my teammate, Omar and hold off Lackey to maintain my place. i had amanda’s bday party the [...]

Thank You!

  I would like to thank Igor and Omar for putting together a great team experience and in my case, a great family experience.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the racers on the team.  I want to thank Ken for the tips and advice he shared with this first timer.  I want to thank [...]

Great Season Ends on a Difficult Way

  Wow, what a season.  And what a final race. I came out to Gadsden feeling very prepared…and a little sad that this would be the last race of the Bamacross season. My goal last weekend was to ride hard, and ride smart.  Those of you who have ridden with me on the road know [...]