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I Think I’m Getting Old


I think I’m getting old. Sunday was my 3rd race in 4 weeks,and I just don’t feel all snappy like I used to after multiple races in a short period. I am also training through these races, so I hope that is also contributing to the fatigue, (not to mention the ton of work/travel I’ve had going on). But even with the little more than normal tiredness that I usually have, I have been feeling pretty good for the most part and can feel the fitness getting better. And of course, when my fitness is growing and I’m getting good results, it’s easy to keep the mojo flowing and the training going!

So my two part blog…

Week of 4/22….training has been going really well. And because of the 2 races coming up, Coach<> had me go into a semi taper. The week was mostly recovery rides with openers, and only one really hard day on Wednesday. The weekend’s forecast was nasty, and I knew that I would be facing some muddy conditions. Because of baseball duties, I was unable to leave until well after lunch. And losing an hour on the way over, I knew we were going to be pressed for time. Jerry and I rolled out of town and made rather good time to Ft Yargo<>. Despite the rain chances being well into the 80%…it managed to hold off for our pre-ride<>. We railed the trail and had a blast. It was fast and flowy,  with not much climbing at all, and I really enjoyed it.



SERC/US Cup #3<> Race day greeted us with wet grounds from the night’s rainfall, and a strong chance for rain by mid race. This time the rain would not disappoint, and started falling pretty steady after one lap and throughout the end. My age group had 15 dudes and I was kinda unsure of how I would fair against them. Things started pretty fast, but we had a decent drag to the start of the trail. So there was plenty of time to get positioned. I would end up about 8th in line. But, within 2 min into the trail, a guy hit the deck, and I would scoot around him and one other guy. Once the trail opened up and we hit the first climb, we surged and went around one other guy, and dropped the rest 

of the field. So, one guy was off the front and I was in the 3 man chase group. The 3 of us would battle for the next 2 laps and were all really well matched. I seemed to be faster in the tight trails, but they were climbing a bit better. As we came through for the last lap, the pace increased slightly and I started to get antsy. I would put the first dig in as we entered the woods, but I didn’t go anywhere. Then, as we hit the climb, they both put an attack down and I couldn’t respond. I was able to pull them back once on the next little bit of trail, but they would again ride away as I faded more. I rode in for a very happy 4th place<>.


Week of 4/29…training for the most part was on the down low. Again, coming off a race and going into another race weekend, the week was mostly recovery. However, as mother nature continues to elude us this spring, the forecast was gloomy and lots of rain predicted. So my desire to race was fading about as fast as my effort in the last lap of the last race. For some reason on Friday, I decided to hit up some hills on my ride and pushed it a little too hard. I felt great! The legs were ready for sure. Sometime that night, I decided not to go to TN to race, but to head south to avoid the rain, and race another MORCS<> race. (plus the wife was there and that kept her happy). Hattiesburg greeted me with beautiful sunshine, but unseasonally chilly temps for this time of year. Once in town, I headed out for a little trail riding, a little road riding, and then enjoyed some grub with the family and had a pretty laid back evening.


Race day came early, as I had an hour30 drive to the venue. Plus, I had to register, so I needed to get there a little earlier than normal. I also ate McDonald’s for breakfast which is, I think, a first ever for a pre-race meal. But my parents had zero to eat, so I had to make do. I got some hot cakes and coffee and off I went. The day was full of sunshine but chilly still. After I got there and got myself signed up, I suited up and headed out for the warm up. Some friends took me on some of the beginning sections of the course, and it was about like I assumed it would be…rolling, twisty, tight, and fun.  I warmed up for about 20min and then headed to the starting line. But I was very disappointed when I rolled up to the line only to see Andrew<!/andrew.b.sorey?fref=ts>, my buddy from Jackson, at the line. I had anticipated there being several other guys from MS and LA there but it was not to be. Andrew lead for the first 2 laps and kept things very honest for us. We pushed a good pace but it wasn’t quite as intense as I wanted. On the 3rd lap, I put a dig in and started to ramp up the pace but would end up having all sorts of issues with traffic and with the course getting slick, and made tons of mistakes. I crashed twice and had a pretty good chain suck problem going on. I managed to ride hard though and build a good lead on Andrew by the end of the race. It was a fun day for the most part and the event was really great and run spot on by the Mt. Zion<> boys.

The next possible race for me would be the Skyway Epic<> in mid may. Not sure on it yet but either way I will be doing some mega training over the next month in prep for Bump N Grind<>.

Thanks for reading!